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NotBasicBlonde Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

Does Loosing Weight Sound Like a Misery? If so, my Guest Lauryn Bryght has a perfect plan for you!

In addition to losing 97 pounds herself, Lauryn has helped her clients lose hundreds of pounds, learn simple nutrition basics and healthy habits that enable them to keep their weight off! 

In this episode, we are discussing all the common mistakes of weight loss, how to prevent diabetes, how to loose weight without a struggle, and how to keep it off!

My Guest


Lauryn Bryght is a Life, Health, Wellness and Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Coach. She helps people get started on their weight loss journey, teaches them how to overcome their emotional eating and support them along the way!  She also serves clients who have an elevated A1C level and have been designated by their physician as pre-diabetic.

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