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NotBasicBlonde Podcast

May 14, 2020

May is mental health awareness month! In this episode, my guest Dr. Kate Balestrieri and I are discussing mental health issues, the most common issues couples have during COVID-19 pandemic, millennials and marriage, how to break unhealthy relationship patterns, sex and mental health, how sex toys impact relationships, and so much more.

My Guest

Dr. Kate Balestrieri- Psychologist/Sex Therapist 

@drkatebalestrieri Instagram

Dr. Balestrieri’s career as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist is a second career. Before pursuing this field, she worked as an insurance broker. A true crime junkie, Dr. Kate was continuously intrigued by the benevolent and malevolent behavior of others, and she felt compelled to understand the motivations of others.

As such, she embarked on the path of graduate school, during which she worked for many years in various prisons, cutting her teeth on some of the most challenging and sinister cases.

Dr. Kate worked with murderers, sex offenders, and other violent inmates for years, closely examining their patterns and predilections. Armed with little more than an insatiable curiosity, Dr. Kate set out to investigate the role of trauma in people’s lives, especially in their quest for survival.

As of today, Dr. Kate specializes in treating trauma, addiction, sex and relationships issues.

She is the founder of @themodernintimacy and @triunetherapygroup

Your Host

Olyasha Novozhylova - NotBasicBlonde

@notbasicblonde_  Instagram

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