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NotBasicBlonde Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

In this episode, my guest, James Guay and I are discussing so many great topics.

Talking Points: 

  • What made you become a psychotherapist?
  • What are your tips on overcoming an imposter syndrome?
  • How our mistakes help us grow
  • The person who triggers us is our teacher
  • What kind of friends help us thrive? Types of people we need in life
  • People can only give you love they can give themselves 
  • Would you please tell us more about tragic optimism 
  • How to set boundaries 
  • How to overcome fear of failure 
  • How to find new friends 
  • Signs for friendships that need to end


James Guay @jamesguaylmft as seen on Shahs Of Sunset, Oprah, Fox5 News, CBS News, etc. With over 20 years of experience, James has been providing both individual psychotherapy and couples counseling. Some of his specialities include: fear of failure (perfectionism), self-judgements, loneliness, high conflict couples, communication skills, anxiety, and depression.


Olyasha Novozhylova - NotBasicBlonde @notbasicblonde_

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Olyasha Novozhylova is the founder and creator of Not Basic Blonde, a fashion, and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style.

The Russian model led an impressive 10-year career in fashion and runway in Atlanta and overseas, as well as enjoying several acting roles.

Now a leading influencer, Olyasha shares her beauty, wellness, and fashion tips with an audience of over half a million.