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NotBasicBlonde Podcast

Jun 21, 2022

In this episode my guest, Marisa Peer is sharing her story, and mission to spread the message that there are simple, rapid, and effective techniques everyone can use that can truly change your life.

Talking Points:

  • How did you discover your life’s purpose by training as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist?
  • What is the most unique thing about Rapid Transformational Therapy that sets it apart from other types of therapy?
  • What is the most important lesson that you teach in your latest book, “Tell Yourself a Better Lie”?
  • We all experience challenges that put us down daily, how can we feel excited about the future in such challenging situations?
  • What role does telling positive things to ourselves has in uplifting our spirits?
  • How can we discover self-love?
  • How can we overcome our guilt and shame?
  • How can we unlock our ultimate self-confidence?
  • Could you share some tips to overcome negative thinking?


Marisa Peer @marisapeertherapy is the founder and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT® )-a new and exciting, multi-award-winning therapy. Marisa has spent over three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars,CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes. Marisa has been seen on many high-profile US and UK television networks, Marisa is also an acknowledged and inspirational speaker-from TEDx and Condé Nast to the Royal Society of Medicine.

RTT® now trains thousands of therapists each year, creating a ripple effect of transformation worldwide. Marisa has also dedicated her time to developing powerful self-hypnosis programs designed to release common blocks people face in every area of their life, from self-confidence, weight, relationships, finances, and much more. Her latest program, Dietless Life, is perhaps her the most exciting yet. Dietless Life helps you powerfully update how you think about food and weight loss for good and is supported by a free information group. A best-selling author of five books, you may also know her from starting the / Am Enough movement.


Olyasha Novozhylova - NotBasicBlonde @notbasicblonde_

NotBasicBlonde Podcast - @nbbpodcast

Olyasha Novozhylova is the CEO and Founder of NotBasicBlonde brand, dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style and embrace their individuality.  

Model, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, AmazonLive Fashion Host, Fashion Editor, and Celebrity Podcast Host of NotBasicBlonde Podcast.  

As the Founder and Host of NotBasicBlonde Podcast with over 4M downloads and celebrity guests, where no topic is off limits, Olyasha provides millennials an ultimate guide on entrepreneurship, dating, marketing, self-development, astrology, spirituality, fashion, coaching, beauty,health&wellness.  

Graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Managerial Sciences, Olyasha successfully built a career in IT/Project Management, before she became a full time entrepreneur.  

Author of the children’s bookCutie the Unicorn – It’s ok to be different, Olyasha teaches our younger generation how to express their individuality.  

Olyasha has led an impressive 15-year career in fashion and runway in US and overseas, as well as enjoying several acting roles.  

Olyasha has partnered with over 100 nationwide brands such as Cartier, Revolve, PrettyLittleThing, PGA, Steve Madden, Too Faced, Vital Proteins, Tarte, DryBar, Drunk Elephant, etc.