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NotBasicBlonde Podcast

Dec 18, 2020

In this episode, my guest Debra Silverman and I are discussing so many great topics:

  • how astrology and psychology are connected
  • the missing element, what's a story behind it
  • 4 personality types/4 elements
  • predictions for 2021
  • winter solstice on December 21st
  • how much destiny is written in the stars
  • what Saturn return means to current millennials
  • the important question you should ask yourself


Debra Silverman @debrasilverman_astrology

My name is Debra Silverman; I'm an Astrologer and Psychotherapist of over 40 years, and I'm so glad we connected through podcasting.

My purpose in this lifetime is to bring Astrology to the masses, and your interest in this subject is helping me fulfill my destiny.

I truly believe that studying your birth chart -- starting with the 4 Elements -- will help you find deeper compassion for the quirky parts of you you don't like or understand. That's why I wanted to offer you this free gift, as an introduction to the elements and compatibility.

This guidebook is the perfect entrance point to studying Astrology and discovering what it has to say about you and your relationships.


Olyasha Novozhylova - NotBasicBlonde @notbasicblonde_

NotBasicBlonde Podcast - @nbbpodcast

Olyasha Novozhylova is the founder and creator of Not Basic Blonde, a fashion, and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style.

The Russian model led an impressive 10-year career in fashion and runway in Atlanta and overseas, as well as enjoying several acting roles.

Now a leading influencer, Olyasha shares her beauty, wellness, and fashion tips with an audience of over half a million.